Our Program

A Program Designed for Ease and Relevance

Teachers cannot add one more thing to their plates. bettertogether3 provides robust and easy-to-use digital materials for teaching students which follow learning progressions that build on one another throughout the grade bands. This ensures that teachers have access to the trajectory of learning for students developing at different paces and can address each student’s individual needs while still developing their social and emotional competence.


Evidence Based SEL Lessons

PREK-12 grade banded digital Lessons offering critical skills and strategies aligned to CASEL competencies and supportive of the IB Learner Profile 21st Century Learning Framework, Habits of Mind, and The 5 C’s Model of Positive Youth Development. Our lessons can be integrated seamlessly into existing classroom schedules and school structures like Morning Meeting, Restorative Circles, Advisory or content areas. Everything you need lives on our digital learning platform.

Educator SEL and Wellness

A new 2022 survey of National Education Association members reveals a startling level of stress and burnout among educators with 90% reported it is a serious issue. The social and emotional development of students begins with emotionally healthy educators. Our Educator Wellness supports educators as they take on the important work of teaching the next generation.

Our 10 Modules cover the topics that matter to educator’s mental health.

Trust on Teams, Balance and Boundaries, Empathy, Having Difficult Conversations, Belonging and Identity, Vulnerability, Mindfulness, Emotional Literacy,  Psychological Safety, Self-Care and Self-Compassion, Communicating with Curiosity.

Ongoing Training & Support

One of the most effective and lasting ways to support students in their holistic growth is to support educators in theirs. Our coaches provide onboarding to teachers, leaders, and school staff to implement bettertogether3 in a comprehensive and effective way that impacts student outcomes. Available in person, virtually or on-demand.

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Unlike other SEL programs, we provide side by side integration coaching in PLC’s and classrooms, in real-time, with real students. We know that success and agency come with supported practice and clear, kind feedback. Because we understand the difficulty of schedules and obligations, we also offer personalized and small group coaching services virtually.

Data Driven Solutions & Progress Monitoring For Targeted Instruction

Constant change, uncertainty, and continued pressure to deliver student outcomes can leave teachers with decision fatique. It’s no wonder educators across the country are struggling. Our pre-assessment data collection tool which ensures that schools, districts, and individual teachers administer a simple, digital self-assessment survey aligned to the 5 CASEL competencies to all students. As a result of the survey, teachers are provided real time data which helps them identify priority lesson sequences. We make the decisions making easy for you by creating easy to use class reports identifying class trends, opportunities for growth and lessons sequences to target needs.

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