better educators, better students,
better families & communities

We help schools and districts improve the health and well-being of educators, students, and families.

Our interactive platform integrates seamlessly into your school structures and priorities.

BT3 is grounded in the research of world renowned, Dr. Brené Brown with a focus on empathy, resilience, courage and connection.

A Program that is Responsive to the Emerging Needs
in School Communities


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Better Students: Equipping Students for our Complex World

Lessons are responsive not only to student real time needs, but take into consideration the environment and contexts in which children learn, live, and grow through the use of culturally competent and responsive practices, examples, and tools.

Better Educators: We Start with Educators

We know that social and emotional development begins with adults. When adults thrive, students thrive.

Better Families and Communities: Building a Bridge from School to Home

Support for families and caregivers in their own wellness journey with strategies, conversation starters and resources centered on reinforcing learning in classrooms.


Looking for a wrap around program that doesn't feel like an add on AND engages caregivers?

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Our partners report that teachers and leaders are more engaged, feel equipped and supported in their school community.

“Love it!... Once I started using the lessons and saw how much my students loved it, things have been good.”

Elementary Teacher

“I appreciated the intentional SEL tools for both adults and students. ”

Instructional Coach

“The Wellness Modules have really added to staff meetings and our overall school culture.”


“Our coaching session helped me better understand different ways I can incorporate the bettertogether3 activities in my special education classroom.”

SPED Teacher

“I feel more connected to my colleagues which leads to more comfort in sharing & learning together.”

High School Teacher

“The continuous improvement cycle work (coaching sessions) is very meaningful because it keeps the momentum of implementation going.”

Elementary Teacher

“It’s fluid and allows for autonomy. You can use lessons to support what you are teaching in another subject. It is very, very versatile.”

Elementary Teacher

“Using the bt3 lessons provides a consistency for kids so they are willing to engage and grow, but also they feel ready to try something new.”

Middle School Teacher

“bt3 has given me as a leader and also my teachers a structure and framework to use, yet it is so flexible enough that teachers can tailor to their own class. It is so supportive for teachers who are feeling overwhelmed.”


“The coaches are supportive and willing to meet us exactly where we are. I appreciate that they understand the classroom and the challenges we are facing.”

High School Teacher

“Kids are showing up so differently after just a month of using the lessons. Our classroom has become a trusting community where everyone feels valued and accepted.”

Middle School Teacher